Monday, March 28, 2011


Our last assignment in my painting class with Izzy Medrano was to create a magic card (using premises he'd given us-- mine involved an old mage sqashing the life out of a curse)!


Character Design Project 1

For our first project in my character design class we had to redesign a Miyazaki movie, so I chose Howl's Moving Castle! I picked it because I not only love that movie, but I read the novel it was based on as well and greatly enjoyed it.

In my redesign, I set the story in the 1920s New York vaudeville scene so I could make the characters' dress flamboyant and fantastical. The characters I decided to redesign were Howl the Witch of the Waste, Sophie, and Marco.

(For Howl, I was very inspired by David Bowie.)

The Witch of the Waste



After we came up with our original designs, we were asked to further redesign them, but in the style of a pre-existing cartoon.

First I tried Dexter's Lab.

Then I tried Ed, Edd, 'n' Eddy style (which was difficult because there are no adults in the entire show).

My favorite was Fairly Oddparents style-- it's similar to Dexter's Lab, but not so rigid.

The final style I tried was Emperor's New Groove, which was a little more difficult but serious fun!

This project was a blast!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Viz Dev 2010

Here's what I did for my visual development class last semester- we had to rethink Peter Pan!
Peter Pan is the grooviest cat around and takes flower child Wendy away from her oppressive parents to the psychedelic Never Land! (Complete with Tom Jones inspired Captain Hook.)

Here are my favorite keyframes:

Journey to Neverland

Tink's Jealousy

Hook's Deal

And here are some of my character designs
(my apologies for lack of Wendy, I'll put her up soon)

Tink was inspired by Twiggy.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Updates! (Recent Work)

Okay, okay I know, I'm a bad person. Bad Lexi, you never update your blog!
Well that's all going to change I promise! I'm in the middle of a new and exciting semester at Otis and I'd like to share it with you (as well as last semester's work)!

Starting off, here's work from my painting class with Izzy Medrano:

Our first assignment was to paint a portrait of someone using lighting from a different photo.
Here's the original photo of Adam and the Dracula photo I used for lighting reference:

And here's my final painting of my honey. (I gave him kitty ears.)

Then after we had to design an alien to fit into the cantina scene in Star Wars, so I drew some dog men and kitty ladies:
(I chose the lady with the mustache and the cigarette. I named her Dot.)

And here's my final render (for now) of Dot!
(The pug guy's in the back checkin her out- such a heartbreaker in her spandex.)

Thanks! More to come!