Monday, March 28, 2011

Character Design Project 1

For our first project in my character design class we had to redesign a Miyazaki movie, so I chose Howl's Moving Castle! I picked it because I not only love that movie, but I read the novel it was based on as well and greatly enjoyed it.

In my redesign, I set the story in the 1920s New York vaudeville scene so I could make the characters' dress flamboyant and fantastical. The characters I decided to redesign were Howl the Witch of the Waste, Sophie, and Marco.

(For Howl, I was very inspired by David Bowie.)

The Witch of the Waste



After we came up with our original designs, we were asked to further redesign them, but in the style of a pre-existing cartoon.

First I tried Dexter's Lab.

Then I tried Ed, Edd, 'n' Eddy style (which was difficult because there are no adults in the entire show).

My favorite was Fairly Oddparents style-- it's similar to Dexter's Lab, but not so rigid.

The final style I tried was Emperor's New Groove, which was a little more difficult but serious fun!

This project was a blast!

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