Thursday, December 24, 2009

The sleep is amazing. <3

Since I'm on break I've decided I should be practicing for Concept Art class next semester.
While I should be doing environments, I though I'd start out by practicing speed painting with... PORTRAITS! :D

So I've decided to paint all my friends who I never tried to paint or draw before. My only rule is that I only spend 1 hour on each painting. I'm not picking people in any particular order either- whoever I feel like that particular day at that particular time.

I've done 3 so far (okay, it should be 4 but 20 minutes into the one today I fell asleep. :C )

It's MINDY!!! My wonderful roommate who I miss... D'':

AHHH- It's Kim! I was listening to Passion Pit and was like "HEY! I know who's next!!"

My dear friend Charea!!! I did her first 'cause I wanted to do hr long portraits over the summer and started with this one guy and she was next, but then I could never find the time (or the steam) to keep going with the project.
Doesn't she look like Tiana here?! :D

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fluctwit said...

This is the first portrait of myself that I actually like. Thank you darling :D